Ness: Multimedia Installations


Ness: Multimedia Installations


Exhibit Dates

October 24 - November 21, 2011


The Reynolds Gallery is delighted to present, Ness, an exhibition of multimedia installations. Ness features the work of Kristin Beal Degrandmont and Annie Strader. The title for this exhibition, Ness, the artists described as a space of ambiguity or an in between or subliminal psychological space. It is this space where something has "ness" that it maybe "like" something without being the exact thing that they examine their work.

Annie Strader uses familiar materials such as soil, salt and wax to create sculptures and installations that examine traditional expectations of materials while revealing the complicated relationships between the social and psychological dimensions of material conditions and physical circumstances. For this exhibit she will create two new works on site using dirt, salt and digital projection.

Kristin Beal will create Ground Control, a work that utilizes the stop-motion process as a stand in for the viewers blinking eye. Using two screens, the videos of different durations are looped; the same images are never side-by-side in order to dismantle any linear time-line. As a child in Kansas, Beal's family spent many weekends traveling across the expansive horizon, visiting relatives. The outside of the car became another world, the car being like a membrane, a new skin. This homeland flew by in a cinematic fashion allowing Beal to project stories onto those familiar, but unknown places.

Ness: Multimedia Installations