Marie Hannigová Lee:


Marie Hannigová Lee: "Scalpel, please..."


Exhibit Dates

November 1 - December 3, 2010


In "Scalpel, please..." Visual Arts Professor, Marie Hannigová Lee dissects, analyzes and re-contextualizes mundane objects and experiences to challenge the viewers' preconceived notions. She aims at stimulating her audience to break out of the passive mode of receiving information and not processing it.

"I am an artist and I am a designer but I am a communicator foremost." - Marie Hannigová Lee

Hannigová Lee's work strives to bring the irregularity and expressiveness of human touch back into computer design. Abstract in nature, the works are to be interacted with and explored by the viewer. A dialog occurs, a two-way relationship, a conversation, and exchange of ideas. It is a dialog between the artist and the piece, and the piece and the viewer. It is an interaction between the computer-generated impulse and human sensibility. And lastly, it represents one cultural identity interacting with another.

Marie Hannigová Lee is Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Art, College of the Pacific, where she teaches graphic design. She has exhibited her work in the United States, Hong Kong, China as well as her native Czech Republic.

Marie Hannigová Lee: