Mark Bowles: Following the Light


Mark Bowles: Following the Light


Exhibit Dates

Jan. 19 - Feb. 20, 2009


Reynolds Gallery is pleased to present Following the Light an exhibition of paintings by Mark Bowles, a native Californian artist whose work reflects his fascination of texture, form and color.

Northern California has inspired a remarkably diverse tradition and distinguished procession of landscape painters that reaches back into the 19th century. This exhibition celebrates Mark Bowles' achievement and dedication to this tradition. Bowles complicates and enriches this tradition by embracing the broad plains of the Central Valley as his preferred subject matter. His large-scale paintings are composed within the investigations and dialectic occurring between contemporary painters, moving freely among the richness of color field and representational painting.

Within these canvases Bowles distills the essence of the light, space and atmosphere, transforming the large open spaces and intricate wetlands of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Region from seemingly irreducible proportions to a knowable and meditative windows overlooking our homeland.

The University extends a special thanks to the Pamela Skinner & Gwenna Howard Contemporary Art Gallery for their participation. Mark Bowles can be contacted through his web site

Mark Bowles: Following the Light