Through Lines / Faculty Work : From Student to Artist


Through Lines / Faculty Work : From Student to Artist


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October 2 - November 3, 2017


Reynolds Gallery is pleased to announce Through Lines, the second exhibition of the 2017-2018 season opening Monday October 2, 2017. A public reception is scheduled for Thursday, October 5, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Through Lines, an art and graphic design faculty exhibition, explores the artistic evolution of eleven participating artists. Each is represented by three works from undergraduate, graduate student eras and work made in their contemporary practice.

The "through lines" on display represent concepts, mediums, and techniques with which each artist has been involved and revisited over time. They are not necessarily straight or continuous. Nor do they tell the entire story of each artist's development. Some work is connected by subject matter as in Dan Kasser's symbolic and Jennifer Little's documentary landscapes. Subject matter also connects Barbara Flaherty's cave paintings, Deanna Hunt's fascination with trees, and Lisa Cooperman's focus on the human body. Material explorations are featured in S. Brett DeBoer's reinterpreted game pieces and musical instruments and Jill Vasileff's saturated, tactile installations. Marie Anna Lee and Michael Leonard present work on the spectrum of illustration. Monika Meler and Lucinda Kasser share the evolution of their luminous work in printmaking and painting.

Through Lines features photography, painting, prints, posters and sculpture by Barbara Flaherty, Daniel Kasser, Deanna Hunt, Jennifer Little, Jill Vasileff, Lisa Cooperman, Lucinda Kasser, Marie Anna Lee, Michael Leonard, Monika Meler, and S. Brett DeBoer.

Through Lines / Faculty Work : From Student to Artist