Kay Kang: Resonance


Kay Kang: Resonance


Exhibit Dates

March 2 - April 12, 2010


"A central theme in my art — and issue in my life — is the alienation/assimilation of the immigrant in a foreign culture. As a Korean woman in the U.S., I have been confronted not only with obvious issues of race, language and geography, but I have also struggled with the cultural conflict that exists for women born in Asian cultures who must learn to cope with a new and startling social model in the West." — Kay Kang

Kay Kang was born in Seoul, Korea, and now lives and works in San Francisco. Resonance explores her journey to assimilate within American society, as well as the struggles historically experienced by women in Korea. Her work interrogates the disappointment that often greeted the birth of girls in Korea, and the traditional custom of giving girls male names. Kang is also interested in examining her own position as an artist and a woman who exists between two cultures. Resonance will include installation sculptures, paintings, and mixed media art.

Kay Kang: Resonance