Most Recent Additions*


Alternative Landing Mechanism
Hien Quang and Sean Store


Remote Surveying Robot
Shanon Nishimura, Tyler Scott, Emiliano Solorio, and David Vaquero


Oil Circulation Demonstration Unit
Ruhui Gan, Justin Li, and Garet Rae


Michael Fisher, Kevin Muller, Chris Wejmar, and Mitchell Wendland


Thermal FEA App
Neil Dwyer


Kayak Steering System
Minh Dao, Bradley Johnson, Kirstin Kita, and Kurt Lopez


Hybrid Human-Electric Quadricycle
Andrew Brazil, Joel Garcia, and Sachin Jhaveri


Beach Sand Filtering Device
David Brock, Hieu Nguyen, Aldo Ruiz, and Nick Sireci


Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning System
David Betteridge, Scott Ebel, Chad Kealoha, and Michael Pennisi


Remote Surveillance UAV
Mohammed Ali, Nayan Parmar, and Mariano Salcedo


3D Surgery Glove With Memory
Tommy Oeur, Vong Cha, Kevin Moakler, and Cuong Dang


Autonomous Quadcopter with Payload
Aseda Gyeke Aboagye, Jumal Khan, Matthew Fitzpatrick, and Presish Chand


Remote Lock System
Michael Feliz, Jason Lim, Tim Lindberg, and Bryson Mitsui


A Solar-Powered Boat: Northern California Solar Regatta
Michael Eiskamp, Derek Kuether, Jacob Palmer, and Robin Senger


Tour Guide Robot (V.I.R.A)
Sean Corcoran, Michael Ledsma, Breanna Nasholm, and Chris Sanchez


Wireless Guitar Amplifier System with DSP Effects
Alex Aguirre, Lia Genovese, Jennifer Johnson, and John Ott


Campus Network Design
Brandon Rose


The Generally Strategic Conquest General
Danielle J. Reed, David Donangelo, and Michael Jacobs


Slyvia's Monster Manager
Marissa Melen, Victor Aw, and Rose Nish

*Updated as of 04/08/20.