Most Recent Additions*


The Perceived Reputations of the Client Portfolios of the Big 6 Accounting Firms
Cynthia F. Eakin, John D. Neill, and Stephen Wheeler


A New Look at The Home Ownership Decision
John R. Knight and Cynthia F. Eakin


Independent Inventors and Innovation: An Empirical Study
Cynthia W. Weick and Cynthia F. Eakin


Beta alpha psi faculty advisor profiles and the incentives to serve
Stephen Wheeler, Kay C. Carnes, and Cynthia F. Eakin


Gesture based Human Computer Interaction for Athletic Training
Mehdi A. Khazaeli, Chadi El Kari, Jacob Baizar, and Leili Javadpour


Assessment of Levee Erosion using Image Processing and Contextual Cueing
Mehdi A. Khazaeli, Leili Javadpour, Hector Estrada, and Alo Takbiri-Borujeni

*Updated as of 12/01/22.