Sifting Through the Stereotypes: Connecting with Gen Z Students

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Conference Presentation

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Lilly Conference - Evidence-Based Teaching & Learning


San Diego, CA

Conference Dates

February 27-29, 2020

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Attendees will emerge with more empathetic perspectives on “Gen Z” students and practical strategies for building student resilience and leveraging learning. Abstract: Stereotypes about Gen Z students can shape instructors’ unconscious biases. How might beliefs be reframed constructively to better support these students? During this session, we will unpack some fixed beliefs about Gen Z students and examine our assumptions. We will explore how they hinder or help our pedagogical endeavors and imagine alternative narratives that might better align with our values and be conducive to serving students well. We will co-create a set of equity-minded goals that could transform campus climates. Attendees will emerge with a more empathetic understanding of today’s students as well as with practical strategies for building student resilience and leveraging learning. Learning Outcomes: (1) Reframe student behaviors through a growth mindset to foster better engagement. (2) Adapt and adopt new strategies for developing learning relationships and classroom communities. (3) Consider assessment protocols that honor and empower student agency; employ tools to foster student resilience and persistence.

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