Identification and Management of Psychosocial Issues in Physical Therapist Practice



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Conference Presentation

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Annual Conference of the California Physical Therapy Association


California Physical Therapy Association


Santa Clara, CA

Conference Dates

September 28, 2012-September 29, 2012

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Careful evaluation and management of psychosocial aspects of function are necessary in physical therapist practice. Many physical therapists have earned a high degree of skill in evaluating and managing psychosocial aspects of function by trial and error. However, an emerging scientific literature is also starting to point to best practices in evaluating and managing psychosocial aspects of function in clinical practice. The purpose of this session is to discuss the identification and management of psychosocial issues that may affect intervention and prognosis in physical therapy. Special emphasis will be placed on psychological issues that may require referral to other healthcare providers, leading-edge scientific information and clinical strategies related to managing suboptimal fear-avoidance and self-efficacy beliefs, and an opportunity for interactive discussion. Instruction level is basic/intermediate/advanced.

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