Predictors of the pursuit and attainment of postgraduate residency positions by pharmacy students

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Conference Presentation

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American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) 2020 Annual Meeting



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October 19-30, 2020

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Introduction: Attainment of postgraduate pharmacy residency is highly competitive. Although several studies have reported institutional characteristics associated with attaining a residency position, little is known about student-level predictors for residency match. This study aims to evaluate factors that predict the pursuit and attainment of pharmacy residency positions. Research Question or Hypothesis: Which variables predict pharmacy students' pursuit and attainment of residency positions? Study Design: Survey-based cross-sectional study Methods: A web-based survey was administered in May 2020 to 396 students of the class 2019 and 2020 at University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy. The survey asked questions relating to students' characteristics (e.g., resilience, as measured by the Academic Pharmacy Resilience Scale [APRS-16]), academic performance and experiences in pharmacy school (e.g., GPA, leadership, research, patientcare, etc.), and whether students applied to and matched with a residency program. Logistic regression modeling was used to evaluate whether students' responses to survey questions predicted their pursuit and attainment of residency. Results: From 185 students that completed the survey (46.7% response rate), 129 applied to and 77 matched with a residency position. The logistic regression outcomes indicated that the model was a significant predictor of the residency pursuit (X2 [5, 185] = 55.4,P< 0.0001) and attainment (X2 [3, 185] = 77.66,P< 0.0001). Stu-dents with greater GPA, research experience, resilience scores and leadership in an organization or school committee were more likely to apply to a residency program (Odds Ratio > 1.06). Students with greater GPA, self-rated performance score in the residency interview and leadership experience on a school committee were more likely to match with a residency program (Odds Ratio > 5.31).Conclusion: This study identifies several variables that predict stu-dents' application to and match with a postgraduate residency pro-gram, which could provide useful information to stakeholders, including students, educators, and residency program directors.

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