Phase separation inhibitors and prevention of cataract in rats


John C. Livesey: 0000-0001-9010-5970

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Conference Presentation

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Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Annual Meeting


Sarasota, Florida

Conference Dates

April 28-May 3, 1991

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The purpose of this study was to test the phase separation inhibitor, WR-77913, an aminophosphorothioate, on cataract formation in the selenite, galactose, streptozotoein and Royal College of Surgeons (R.C.S.) models. It was previously reported that WR-77913 prevents cataract induced by X-rays (Expt. Eye Res. 45:961 (1987); Inv. Ophthal.& Vis.Sci. 27:1780 (1986). A single i.p. administration of WR-77913 was given approximately 15 minutes prior to induction of cataract formation by .injection of Na2SeO3 or streptowtocin. Repeated i.p. administrations of WR-77913 were given in the galactose and R.C.S. models. As in the X-ray model, WR-77913 prevented opacification in selenite, streptozotocin and R.C.S. rats and delayed opacification in the galactose model. We conclude that phase separation inhibitors can delay or prevent cataract produced by a variety of physiological mechanisms. Supported by NlH EY04542 (JlC), NIH EY07028 (JCL) and a grant from the Oculon Corp.

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