Program assessment activities at colleges of pharmacy


Eric Boyce: 0000-0002-5447-9016

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


San Diego, CA

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July 7-12, 2000

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Objectives: The goal of this project was to determine the extent of PharmD program assessment activities at colleges of pharmacy. Methods: A survey was sent to colleges of pharmacy in December 1999. Results: A total of 43 (53%) of the 81 colleges responded. Assessment activities were formalized in 36%, informal in 27%, and being planned in 36% of the colleges. The individuals involved in assessment activities included faculty in 84% of the colleges, deans and associate/assistant deans in 79%, students 44%, alumni 33%, other administrators and staff each 23%, and others 10%. The committees used in assessment activities included curriculum committees in 44% and assessment committees in 26%. Formalized or informal assessment activities had been in place 2.6 years on average (range 1 month to 8 years). Assessment data were collected every 6 months on average (range: every week to 12 months) either routinely (in 83%) or sporadically (in 17%). Assessment data were collected from limited sources in 19%, numerous sources in 63% and essentially all sources in 19%. Assessment data were used for curricular/course revision: minimally in 4%, somewhat in 54%, and extensively in 42% of respondents. Respondents indicated the need for additional information and resources on assessment. Implications: Program assessment activities are a common activity at colleges of pharmacy. There appears to be a need for providing and sharing assessment information and methods.

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