Evaluation of diabetes practice laboratory involving active-learning and role playing techniques in a large classroom


Eric Boyce: 0000-0002-5447-9016

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


Seattle, WA

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July 10-14, 2010

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Objectives: To evaluate the impact of active learning and role playing on students' knowledge, abilities, and confidence in diabetes care. Method: At the beginning and end of a 2-hour laboratory session, P3 students will complete an assessment of their knowledge and confidence in providing diabetes counseling, care and education. Within the session, students will rotate through the roles of a pharmacist, patient, and evaluator (peer assessor). The three main topics covered include lifestyle modification, self monitoring, and medication management. Activities include counseling and education on carbohydrate counting, proper use of blood glucose meter, proper technique in administering insulin, and foot care. Correlations of post-tests and peer assessments with performance on multiple choice questions on diabetes mellitus will also be performed. Students will evaluate this experience using a standardized survey. Results: Pre and post test assessment will be analyzed to evaluate the changes in students' knowledge and confidence level in providing diabetes counseling, care and education. Peer assessments and correlations with examinations scores will also be used to evaluate student confidence and knowledge. Student evaluations will be used to assess and consider changes in this experience. Implications: The pre and post tests, peer assessments, correlations with examination performance, and student evaluations of the experience will provide the information needed to better understand the development of these abilities and methods to better prepare students' abilities in providing comprehensive care to patients with diabetes.

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