Innovation at Wingate University School of Pharmacy bridges the quality chasms in pharmaceutical education


Eric Boyce: 0000-0002-5447-9016

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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


San Diego, CA

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July 8-12, 2006

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Wingate University School of Pharmacy is very committed to educating its students to provide high quality pharmaceutical care. To accomplish this goal, the school provides an individualized, state-of-the-art learning environment that facilitates the development of students' critical-thinking, problem-solving, communication, technology and patient-care skills. The innovative academic program further enhances the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed by the pharmacy profession and society at-large. Some of these innovative features include a stand-alone course that teaches critical thinking and problem-solving skills, a pharmacy-focused basic science curriculum that is integrated with patient assessment, a problem-based learning case study sequence, a 360*outcome-oriented assessment plan, and structured experiential clerkships in each year of the program. The comprehensive, 360* curriculum assessment program is designed in a continuous quality improvement format to assess student mastery and proficiency and curricular performance.

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