Assessing student knowledge, confidence, accuracy, and proficiency in providing Medicare Part D assistance

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning





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Purpose: To assess the impact of coordinated didactic, simulation-based, and experiential learning on pharmacy students’ knowledge and confidence with Medicare Part D and their accuracy and proficiency with the Medicare Plan Finder Tool.

Educational Activity: Forty-two pharmacy students participated in a two-semester Medicare Part D elective course in which didactic, simulation-based and experiential learning methods were employed. Students’ knowledge, confidence, accuracy, and proficiency were assessed at three course time points: first day of class, last day of in-class education, and after completion of outreach.

Findings: Student confidence with Part D and efficiency using the Plan Finder Tool significantly improved at each successive time point (p<0.01). Student knowledge was significantly improved both on the last day of class and after outreach completion as compared to the first day of class (p<0.01).

Summary: Basic Part D knowledge improved with the didactic and simulation-based portion of the course. The experiential component improved student confidence and efficiency in helping Medicare beneficiaries.