Collected here are journal articles written by faculty and staff in the Physician Assistant studies program.

The Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Degree Program is a full-time, 27-month program in the Department of Physician Assistant Education within the University of the Pacific's School of Health Sciences.


Submissions from 2021


Comparison of an In-Person versus a Virtual Interprofessional Education Activity Focused on Professional Communication., Tracey DelNero and Deepti Vyas


Peer Teaching in an Interprofessional Education Activity Focused on Professional Skills Development., Tracey DelNero and Deepti Vyas


Use of video vignettes and case discussion to educate health professions students about elder abuse, Deepti Vyas, Tracey DelNero, Todd Davenport, Gabriella Musacchia, and Lanchi Nguyen

Submissions from 2019


Minority Physician Assistant Faculty: A Phenomenological Assessment of Factors Leading to Retention in the Faculty Role, Susan F. LeLacheur, Vanessa Bester, Lisa Huggins Oxendine, Carolyn Bradley Duidry, Darin Ryujin, Kenya Samuels, Ana Maldonado, Denise Bowen, and Kristine Himmerick

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD): Should measurement of serum adhesion protein levels replace the ankle brachial index?, M. K. Massey, Mark P. Christiansen, and Rahnea Sunseri

Submissions from 2018


Do nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs impair tissue healing?, Curtis Fowler

Submissions from 2017

Reelin’ in the years – reflection of a PA nearing retirement, Mark P. Christiansen


Asymptomatic Hypertension in the Emergency Department, Jed Grant and Karimeh Borghei


Scarcity of Primary Care Positions May Divert Physician Assistants Into Specialty Practice, Perri Morgan, Kristine A. Himmerick, Brandi Leach, Patricia Dieter, and Christine Everett

Submissions from 2015

Childhood Obesity – PAs Can Make a Difference, Mark P. Christiansen

Modern PA practice. What should it look like, Mark P. Christiansen

Submissions from 2014

Maximizing Physician Assistant Value in Hospital Settings, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA), Mark P. Christiansen

PA Program Faculty Reception, Mark P. Christiansen

Why Should Educators become Active in Professional Organizations, Mark P. Christiansen

Submissions from 2009


Evaluating physician assistant students’ attitudes toward underserved patients: A mixed methods study, Mark P. Christiansen, David W. Robinson, Jenenne A. Geske, and Helen E. McIlvain