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Master of Physician Assistant Studies


Physician Assistant Education

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Mark Christiansen


Objective: To quantify the benefits and the survival rates between Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR) and medical management for Acute Uncomplicated Type B Aortic Dissection (TBAD).

Methods: The investigation was based on a literature review of evidence-based articles that were relevant to the study. The articles were critiqued to compare the benefits of TEVAR and medical management of TBAD on cardiovascular outcomes and survival rates in concerned stakeholders.

Results: The literature review reflected that TEVAR is more effective than the medical management of TBAD when the condition was in the acute and uncomplicated stages. Uncontrolled blood pressure remains an independent and significant risk factor for the disease. The review further indicated that open surgery significantly increased the risk of hospitalized mortality in TBAD patients. Conversely, medical management aimed to reduce blood pressure showed an increase in complications such as malperfusion. Therefore, endovascular surgical procedures such as TEVAR are gaining acceptance in the management of acute uncomplicated TBAD.

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