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Mark Christiansen


Each year, an estimated 3.8 million concussions occur in the United States related to sports and recreational activity.1 Great gains have been made in the management of concussion, putting it in the spotlight as a leading public health crisis. The highest percentage of sports-related concussion occurs in those under the age of 21.1 From initial time of injury to return to activity, the common definition of clinical recovery, is approximately 2 weeks for adults and 4 weeks in children under the age of 18. This is in stark contrast to the previously held understanding that all concussions, age independent, were expected to recover within 7-10 days.2 This change in duration reflects the significant developments in and understanding of the importance of rest and graduated return to play in the management of concussion.2 While the understanding of overall concussion management is growing, the ability to identify those who are at risk for long-term complications and prolonged recovery is still poorly understood. Clinically, this is a recurrent dilemma in determining treatment decisions as well as answering the common question of “When will they be better?” This paper aims to evaluate researched demographics of age and gender, symptom severity and characteristics, and physical exam findings on initial clinical evaluation that may indicate a protracted recovery, specifically as they relate to adolescents participating in sports.

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