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Description: A weighted vest is a vest that typically has 10% of a person’s body weight evenly distributed around the vest (Olson et al., 2004). A weighted vest can provide sensory input that is believed to alleviate dysregulation, inattentiveness, and stereotypic behaviors (Carter et al., 2009).

Goal: Our community group is specifically targeting children with sensory processing impairments who are attending speech therapy sessions at the RiteCare clinic. Sensory behaviors exhibited by the clients are most commonly shown through dysregulation, outbursts, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity. The goal is to limit these maladaptive behaviors and increase attention span during intervention sessions. Weighted vests have been shown to be effective with remediating these problems, and improving hyperactivity, stereotypic behaviors and clumsiness (Carter et al., 2009). This product decreases sensory modulation dysfunction and will lower arousal states (Lin et al., 2014). In turn, improving attention, increasing time for on task behavior, and decreasing distractibility while wearing the vest (Collins et al., 2011).