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The community group, San Joaquin County Mobile Clinic, aims to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable populations by providing low-cost preventative healthcare and treatment options. This includes wound care, vaccinations, and assistance with accessing medical appointments and health insurance. However, research has shown that those without housing do not have adequate access to stable power sources to charge mobile devices to aid healthcare needs and access resources. The Jackery Power Station, which falls under the category of consumer access, priorities, and benefits over the lifespan, will attempt to address this barrier.

An estimated 2,631 individuals in San Joaquin county are currently experiencing homelessness. Difficulty accessing consistent power sources to charge their phones or other devices limits opportunities for resource access needed for health management. The Jackery Power Station will allow individuals to charge their mobile devices and be able to more readily access phone features. They can then be used for tasks such as note-taking or entering medication reminders to improve health outcomes. This will assist with chronic condition management, preventative care, and health maintenance. Occupational therapists will introduce the Jackery Power Station to the providers and show them how to set it up and educate them about product maintenance to ensure proper function and longevity.