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What: iEAT is a meal ordering service and database for school meal distribution, accessible via a smart device.

Why: Interactive way to increase awareness of portion control and appropriate nutrition in an effort to build autonomy in elementary and middle school age children.

Problem Solved: Research indicates that young children are highly susceptible to overeating when given larger portion sizes, eating about 16% more. iEAT addresses proper portion control sizes pertinent to the child’s age. Further, it increases a child’s autonomy and health knowledge when making dietary decisions impacting health outcomes.

How: iEAT’ features an empty plate compartmentalized into five colored sections reflective of reflect appropriate USDA recommended portion size, each corresponding with a food group. On the side of the plate is a list of food items served by the school for that meal. The user drags and drops food items into the proper location on the plate. The plate can only be filled with proper food group requirements (ex: meat section could only have chicken or red meat, not both). iEAT also serves as an informational hub for the user’s dietary preferences or needs.