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The population being served includes the clients at Triple R adult day program in Sacramento, CA. These clients are older adults and all present with a form of memory loss. Currently, health management, specifically physical activity, and social participation are affected in the program as there are limitations to exercise routines that are appropriate for the clients as well as lack of engagement from all clients. We believe that all of the residents are affected by this issue at the facility and would benefit from the use of technology to enhance these areas of needs in the specific occupations. Within the current exercise program, exercises are performed as a group and there is a lack of variability and autonomy that is given to the clients to choose which exercises they want to engage in. Additionally, the current exercises that are provided to the clients do not target areas of deficits that research has shown to be prominent within individuals experiencing memory loss. In return we have observed decreasing social participation and engagement. The mission of our group is to incorporate a technology that will allow for increased flexibility within the clients to choose desired exercises while also having exercise target areas of specific needs (Antonio et al., 2023).