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Pharmacology courses in any institution are information intensive with a constant, high volume of new material. With that in mind, the standards that the American Dental Education Association set for Pharmacology include that: “the student must identify the influences drugs taken for non-dental purposes may have on a proposed treatment (…) and the student must recognize therapeutic agents used in the routine practice of clinical dentistry.” This requires that students at a minimum, recognize common drugs and know their major implications for dental therapy.

This learning tool has been created to address the drug recognition aspect of that standard.

See also: Zeitlin, B. D. (2023). A flash of inspiration: Enhancing dental student drug recognition. Journal of Dental Education, pp. 1–3.

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DISCLAIMER: Drug information was accurate as of December 2023 per the source material. The information contained in the Quizlet Drug Deckade sets is for study use only, no information in the Quizlet sets or the Excel spreadsheet should be considered as medical advice. It is the responsibility of anyone using these sets to verify information themselves before clinical application. This learning tool is intended only to increase student familiarity with the most commonly prescribed drugs and is intended to be used in conjunction with accredited formal pharmacology instruction.

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