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This is a medical case Open Educational Resource (OER) created for the PHAR 632 Case Base Practice IV course in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at University of the Pacific's Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy.

Student Instructions

  1. Please provide complete SOAP for the main problems with specific instructions as follows:
    • a. GI bleeding/PUD: complete treatment plan for GI bleeding post-EGD and antibiotic recommendations for H. pylori infection
    • b. Anticoagulation/Mitral regurgitation s/p mMVR: complete plan for restarting warfarin for the mMVR indication with heparin bridging in the inpatient setting (include duration of bridging)
    • c. Menopause: address menopausal symptoms and provide appropriate plan
  2. Please provide assessment and plan on secondary problems
  3. Please review patient’s course of hospitalization and recent ED visit (including appropriateness of medications initiated, monitoring during hospitalization, or any necessary follow-ups) and review appropriate clinical guidelines/literature carefully to assist in responding to the discussion questions.

Six cases were created for this course in the summer of 2022. To view the additional courses, go here.

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UGIB & PUD, Anticoagulation, Menopause Cases