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[1][letterhead]6th November 1912Sir,I have the honour to inform you that the 248th Annual Festival of the Corporation will be held in the King's Hall, Holborn Restaurant, on Saturday, 30th inst. (St. Andrew's Day), when the Right Honourable Arthur James Balfour, M.P. will preside.Thanks to the generous response to my last year's appeal the Management have again been enabled to meet all existing claims as well as the needs of new applicants.The policy of helping skilled workers with their families to follow their trade to where it may be more flourishing instead of resorting to casual labour has been continued with gratifying success, while the reports from those assisted to new homes in Canada and Australia are of the most hopeful character. Widows with young families have been encouraged to train the children to recognised trades and no part of the Corporation's work promises to produce more excellent results. it will be pressed forward with every opportunity.Confirmed and encouraged by long experience of their generosity the Management again appeal with confidence and hope to the patriotic charity of the Governors and their other friends to support them in such a manner as may fully meet all the claims of the aged pensioners together with such exceptional claims as may arise in the immediate future.I beg to enclose a form of subscription.I am, Sir,Your obedient servant,Balfour [illegible] [Burlegh?]TreasurerJohn Muir, Esq., AN., L.L.D.05295

THE ROYAL SCOTTISH HOSPITALOF THE FOUNDATION OF KING CHARLES THE SECOND.(Incorporated by Royal Charters Annis 1665, 1676, and 1775.)President:—THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE EARL OF ROSEBERY, K.G., K.T.Vice-presidents:The Right Hon. LORD STRATHCONA,and MOUNT ROYAL, G.C.M.G., D.C.L.The Right Hon. EARL LOREBURN,G.C.M.G.DUNCAN MACKINNON, Esq.Captain HENRY W. NOTMAN.ROBERT GORDON, Esq.ROBERT NIVISON, Esq., J.P.Treasurer:—The Right Hon. LORD BALFOUR OF BURLEIGH, K.T., G.C.M.G.Chaplains:The Rev. J. MONRO GIBSON, D.D.The Ven. WM. MACDONALD SINCLAIR,D.D.The Rev. ALEXANDER MACRAE.The Rev. ARCHIBALD FLEMING, D.D.The Rev. IVOR J. ROBERTON.The Rev. RODERICK MACLEOD.The Rev. E. B. H. MACPHERSON.The Rev. EDWARD D. FINGLAND.Physicians:Sir T. LAUDER BRUNTON, Bart., LL.D.,M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.J. MITCHELL BRUCE, Esq., LL.D., M.D.,F.R.C.P.J. J. PRINGLE, Esq., M.B., F.R.C.P.Sir JAMES CRICHTON-BROWNE, M.D.,LL.D., F.R.S.Sir PATRICK MANSON, G.C.M.G., LL.D.M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.Surgeons:Colonel JAMES CANTLIE, M.B., F.R.C.S.Sir W. WATSON CHEYNE, Bart., C.B.M.B., F.R.S.JOHN COUPER, Esq., M.D.J. DUNDAS GRANT, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S.Von. Architect---J. MACVICAR ANDERSON, Esq., F.R.I.B.A., F.R.S.E.Von. Stockbroker---R. H. HEDDERWICK, Esq.Auditor---GEORGE RAE FRASER, Esq., J.P.Committee of Management.Life Members:The Right Hon. the EARL OF ABERDEEN,K.T., G.C.M.G., LL.D.The Right Hon. the EARL OF ROSEBERY,K.G, K.T. (President)The Right Hon. the EARL OF WEMYSS ANDMARCH.The Right Hon. EARL LOREBURN, G.C.M.G.(Vice-President)The Right Hon. LORD MOUNTSTEPHEN,G.C.V.O.The Right Hon. LORD ROWALLAN.The Right Hon. LORD STRATHCONA ANDMOUNT ROYAL, G.C.M.G., D.C.L.(Vice-President)D. J. ABERCROMBY, Esq.Sir CHAS. E. ADAM, Bart.JOHN S. ADAMSON, Esq.SAMUEL ALEXANDER, Esq.W. L. ALEXANDER, Esq.ANDREW ANDERSON, Esq.GEORGE ANDERSON, Esq.HENRY GIBSON ANDERSON, Esq.J. MACVICAR ANDERSON, Esq., F.R.I.B.A.,F.R.S.E. (Hon. Architect)ANDREW ARTHUR, Esq.G. P. BALFOUR, Esq.JAMES S. BINNING, Esq.JOHN BRODIE, Esq.Sir T. LAUDER BRUNTON, Bart., LL.D.,M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S. (Hon. Physician)GEORGE R.BURNESS, Esq.ALEX. H. CAMPBELL, Esq.ALEXANDER CHRISTIE, Esq.ROBERT CLARK, Esq., J.P.Major-General HENRY CLERK, R.A.PETER COATS, Esq.T. CUTHBERTSON, Esq.The Right Hon. Sir ROBERT B. FINLAY,K.C., G.C.M.G., M.P.JAMES A. FLEMING, Esq., K.C.ROBERT FLEMING, Esq.ALLAN W. FREER, Esq.W. R. GALBRAITH, Esq.ROBERT GORDON, Esq. (Vice-President)PETER GRAHAM, Esq., R.A.JAMES GRAY, Esq., J.P.J. BRAIDWOOD GRAY, Esq.ROBERT KAYE GRAY, Esq.JOHN INGLIS, Esq.Colonel Sir ROBERT W. INGLIS, V.D.JOHN JORDAN, Esq.JOHN KENNEDY, Esq.WILLIAM KENNEDY, Esq.ALEXANDER LANG, Esq.ROBERT LITTLEJOHN, Esq.JOHN GUTHRIE LORNIE, Esq., J.P., F.S.S.JOHN LYLE, Esq.JAMES MCDONALD, Esq.ALEXANDER MACINTYRE, Esq.J. P. MCINTYRE, Esq.PETER J. MACKIE, Esq.DUNCAN MACKINNON, Esq. (Vice-President)W. F. DE BOIS MACLAREN, Esq.A. NICOL MACNICOLL, Esq.GEORGE MATHIESON, Esq.ALEXANDER MILLER, Esq.W. N. MITCHELL, Esq.ALEX. MUIRHEAD, Esq., D.Sc, F.R.S.BAILIE JOHN MURRAY, J.P.ROBERT NIVISON, Esq., J. P. (Vice-President)Captain H. W. NOTMAN (Vice-President)JOHN PATERSON, Esq.PETER REID, Esq.ALEXANDER RITCHIE, Esq., J.P.GEORGE ROGER, Esq.ALBERT G. SANDEMAN, Esq.Colonel Sir COLIN SCOTT-MONCRIEFF,K.C.S.I., K.C.M.G.GEORGE SLIGHT, Esq., M.D.NATHANIEL SPENS, Esq.JAMES STRACHAN, Esq.ROBERT MACKAY SUTHERLAND, Esq.Sir THOMAS SUTHERLAND, G.C.M.G.H. W. THOMSON, Esq.W. WEDDEL, Esq.THOMAS WHARRIE, Esq., J.P.GRAEME A. WHITELAW, Esq.JAMES BAIRD WHITELAW, Esq.F. J. YARROW, Esq.H. J. YOUNGER, Esq.Elected Members:J. BALFOUR ALLAN, Esq.G. G. ANDERSON, Esq.LEWIS BENNETT, Esq.ALEXANDER BREMNER, Esq.W. L. BRODIE, Esq.THOMAS BROWN, Esq.ANDREW CURRIE, Esq.Surgeon-General W. G. DON, M.D.JAMES A. EWART, Esq.A. DODDS FAIRBAIRN, Esq., C.A.PATRICK GARDINER, Esq.J. MILNE GREIG, Esq.ROBERT HENDERSON, Esq., C.B.WILLIAM JEFFREY, Esq.JAMES H. MACKAY, Esq.H. M. CHARTERS MACPHERSON, Esq.JOHN MATHESON, Esq., M.A., M.D.ALEXANDER MICHIE, Esq.WILLIAM NICOL, Esq.GEORGE W. PATON, Esq.GEORGE A. G. ROBERTSON, Esq.P. W. ROBERTSON, Esq.WILLIAM WHYTOCK, Esq.Object of theCorporation.The object of the Corporation is to relieve natives of Scotland in need, being of honest and creditable record, living within the boundaries of the Greater London District; more particularly the aged, the widowed, the fatherless, and such as are in occasional and temporary distress. For its income the Charity depends mainly on Voluntary Contributions.Pensions tothe Aged.Yearly pensions, ranging from £7 10s. to £30, are granted to natives of Scotland over 65 years of age who have, for the last twelve years, been resident in London, and whose income from other sources does not amount to more than £15 per annum. The foresaid limit of age constituting one of the conditions for award of pension is, however, relaxed in the case of applicants afflicted with chronic infirmity, physical or mental. In view of the Old Age Pensions Act, 1908, all pensions and regular allowances will be subject to readjustment, possibly withdrawal, possibly curtailment, when the recipients reach 70 years of age. The filling of vacancies is made by the election of Subscribers.

ImmediateAllowanceswithoutVoting:Widowed,Fatherless,andDistressed.To widows, being natives of Scotland, as also to Scotsmen's widows of other nationality, whose families have, in either case, been left unprovided for, allowances are given for the maintenance of their children up to the close of their school period. Over one hundred widows in the condition described are in actual receipt of assistance for the upbringing of about three hundred children.Allowances and donations are given, moreover, to deserving natives of Scotland upon whom misfortune and poverty have fallen. Applicants for these allowances have to be recommended by a Governor; then, after considerate, but thorough investigation, their cases are laid before the Committee of Management, and allowances apportioned according to the respective circumstances. This charity is bestowed in the form of either a monthly allowance of from 12s. 6d. to 20s. so long as the need lasts, a donation amounting to not more than £5, or occasionally a free passage to friends in Scotland.Relief to theDestitute.Immediate relief is given by the Secretary to any deserving native of Scotland who, through want of work, illness, or other cause, is temporarily destitute. The help is rendered by orders for the supply of lodging, food, or clothing. As a rule no money is given, and when, by way of exception, money is given, it is in sums rarely exceeding 5s. During the year over 2,000 persons are thus relieved.Beneficence ofthe Charity.In the ways above specified it is sought to assist as far as possible, according to their several necessities, all natives of Scotland needing and deserving help. The aged and the permanently invalided are granted pensions or monthly allowances, enabling them, with aid from friends, to live either in homes of their own, free from harassing care, and in some measure of comfort, or as welcome guests in the homes of sons and daughters not in a position to wholly support them.The mother afflicted by the loss of the breadwinner, and anxiously facing the darkened future, is sustained and cheered by a donation providing for immediate wants, and inspired with fresh hope in the assurance that in the days to come she will still be enabled to maintain a home and bring up her fatherless children. The sick, again, are happily tided across the interval of pain and weakness. The anxious for work but unfortunate, struggling in a prolonged ebb of fluctuating trade, are helped to redeem pledged tools or clothes, have their rent guaranteed, and thereby a shelter assured them, while, in addition, every effort is made to assist them in regaining employment.The Charity’s Needs.To carry on this beneficent work to an extent and with an efficiency creditable to Scotland the actual funds of the Charity are inadequate. The Committee of Management confidently appeal, therefore, to every Scotsman wherever resident, and to everyone who by reason of descent, family ties, education, business, or residence has a connection with Scotland and Scottish affairs, to aid them in rendering this great Charity still more worthy of its traditions and more able to discharge its growing responsibilities.THE 248TH ANNUAL FESTIVALWILL BE HELD ONSATURDAY, 30th NOVEMBER, 1912 (ST-ADREW’S, DAY),AT 6.40 FOR 7 P.M. PRECISELY,INTHE KING'S HALL, HOLBORN RESTAURANT, W.C.The Right HonourableARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR, M.P.,IN THE CHAIR.Tickets for the Banquet, ONE GUINEA each, are now ready.ROYAL SCOTTISH CORPORATION,CRANE COURT,FLEET STREET, E.C.T. R. MONCRIEFF, Secretary.

"[4]THE ROYAL SCOTTISH CORPORATION.248th Annual Festival,SATURDAY, 30th NOVEMBER (St Andrew's Day), 1912.The Right Honourable ARTHUR JAMES BALFOUR, M.P.,IN THE CHAIR.November 1912.SIR,I enclose the following contribution to the funds of the Corporation, promise to be announced at the Festival.Annual Subscription Donation£ s. d. £ s. d.Please forward---Tickets for theBanquet.Yours faithfully,NameAddressToT. R. MONCRIEFF,Secretary,Royal Scottish Corporation, Crane Court, Fleet Street, London, E.C.Annual Subscribers of One Guinea and upwards are Governors; a Donation of One Guinea constitutes the contributor a Governor for one year; and a Donation of Ten Guineas (which may be paid in instalments) a Life Governor. A Benefaction of One Hundred Guineas creates the donor a Life Member of the Committee of Management.Governors are entitled to recommend one applicant monthly for relief, and to give one vote at each election of Pensioners in respect of every guinea subscribed during the year, in addition to any life privileges previously acquired.Contributions of less than One Guinea will, however, be gladly received and acknowledged.All Cheques should be crossed and made payable to “THE ROYAL SCOTTISH HOSPITAL.”05295"



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