Kronenberg, Anne: Moscone and Milk


Anne Kronenberg: I think that George and Harvey did leave a legacy, and the fact that they were assassinated by the same person has linked them forever in history. Because Harvey was a gay man I think he has gotten a lot more attention than Mayor Moscone did, but they were two great people and we lost their lives the same day. Harvey and his campaign was talking all about hope. Gotta give people hope. I think that was very much what George was about. George really understood that there had to be change that the 60s showed us that change was coming. You can either be behind the curve or you can get in front of it and he understood he wanted to be in front of it he wanted to be leading that progressive change in San Francisco. And it was a new day and I know he would have been reelected mayor and I can just imagine what the two of them could have done together over that next term. Because they had started some really great things, and I think it was to say to San Franciscans you know we are not about the past, we are about the future and we are going to create a new San Francisco that’s just as wonderful as it was but bigger and bolder and more progressive.


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The Moscone oral history interviews are part of the George Moscone Collection, MSS 328.

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