DeLuca, John: Moscone's focus


John DeLuca: George Moscone as Senate Majority Leader had to know the state of California in a very intimate way. Had to cut through a lot of the let’s say the undergrowth of debate to get to the heart of matters. I found I didn’t have to talk at any great length. He would [see it was] immediately about the issue. He was very interested in small business development. He was very interested in what was happening with regard to the farm workers. We were kind of, on both of those issues, right in the center of attention. I didn’t have to prepare memos. I didn’t have to give him long papers. It was always very quick and to the point, and he would make decisions “I can support you on that, but if you make this change I can support even more on this other side. Give me the intelligence I need in order to get this through because it’s always San Francisco. I have got the whole state to think of. How do I get the votes?” I really believe he saw himself as a successor to McAteer on his whole question of saving the Bay and access to the water. In many, many areas I would say George on one hand and Willie Brown and Leo McCarthy and Johnny Burton were very instrumental in the changes that did occur.


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The Moscone oral history interviews are part of the George Moscone Collection, MSS 328.

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