Jennings, Duffy: Call for remembrance of Moscone's legacy


Duffy Jennings


Jennings: In reflecting on the, on the time that I was at the Chronicle and George was mayor, and particularly the time when I was the City Hall reporter during his first two years in office, over time, you know, I’m looking back more and more. And obviously the reason for some of these, some of these efforts today to preserve his legacy and memory better than has been known is the overwhelming emotion I have is it's sad that it's taken this long for this kind of thing to occur. For a foundation, for a memory, for a learning center, for something besides a convention center and a playground or two to celebrate the life of George Moscone. There was clearly a lot of focus on Harvey Milk because of the movie and because of certainly his impact on his community. And it certainly every minute of that is well deserved well documented. His place in history is clear. But, you know, without George Moscone, Harvey Milk never would have been in public office, and a lot of people don't understand that. They don't understand how we open the doors of city power to people who never had it before. How he brought in the everyday people to serve on boards and commissions of all, you know, types and backgrounds and colors ethnic history for the first time really. I think George was the most pivotal character in helping change San Francisco socially and politically to what it became. And here we are talking about thirty, thirty five years later, he doesn't have nearly the public knowledge, print recognition that Harvey does and maybe even some other people in city history. And I think that's unfortunate but hopefully now that that will get changed at that, you know, that would be a good way to preserve the legacy.


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