Getlin, Josh: After election voter fraud allegations


Josh Getlin


Getlin: …stop you right there and I would say that an extraordinary event took place forty eight hours after the election, which I've never forgotten and which, really, set the theme for what was going to be George's, you know, series of challenges as mayor. Because I remember, I think it was the Saturday after the election, you know, it, for all intents and purposes, it was a warm day in San Francisco for December and I was taking the day off and, you know, looking forward to a day off, took a walk through North Beach where I lived in the morning. I came back in the phone was ringing and it was it was Corey Busch calling me on the phone saying, “you have to get down to City Hall immediately, you're not gonna believe what's going on. But Barbagelata's people have invaded the registrar's office and they're going through ballots, they’re physically handling ballots and they're claiming that there's massive voter fraud in the election, is you know questionable if not tainted et cetera.” And I think that basically established a period of less than forty eight hours of any relative calm on the part of the winning side in that election. It sort of set the tone, it was hugely symbolic, I thought in later years, that this would be the real, for me, inaugural event for what George's mayoralty would have to become. Which was this constant struggle with the one, and then ultimately two antagonists who were who were relentless in their opposition to everything he tried to get accomplished at city hall. And by that I mean John Barbagelata, obviously and of course, Quentin Kopp.


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