Williams, Cecil: First Impressions of Moscone


Cecil Williams


Williams: As I recall, I was introduced to George by Willie Brown, I think. Anyway, I got to, my first encounter with George Moscone was when he was a senator, as I recall. And one of the things that happened was there was at a meeting at some place, as I recall, and he had come down from Sacramento or wherever he was at that particular time. George came in that meeting, as I recall, and immediately after the preliminary stuff took over and it was acted out, he was introduced. And he was handsome, looked like he was ready to really give leadership at that particular time. To those, all of us, I could tell that there was something about him. He didn't put anybody down, you know, not really. He was a good speaker, became a great speaker of course, but he was bright. You could tell he was sharp and he was bright, and he was his own person. Also he was open to people and, you know, you can tell when a politician is closed off because he's the only one that can do whatever is to be done and everybody else has to sit on the sidelines. Well George, I could tell, wanted to include me and us and a lot of us and that was very impressive. Just the first meeting, I could see that George Moscone was a man who was for the future. So I left from that meeting feeling upbeat. That's the way, I think, George was, you know. He was a person who would create your being up rather than down and so I said, “I'm going to see this dude, I’m going to see him again.” You know, and of course we did see him again.


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The Moscone oral history interviews are part of the George Moscone Collection, MSS 328.

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