Rothman, Frances Park-Li: Moscone's relaxing presence


Frances Park-Li Rothman: George was such a relaxing person. He comes walking in, we’re all doing our work, we didn’t sit-up for attention or anything like that, but he was such a likeable person. Well he [George] came into the office one time while someone was giving me a real hard time on the phone. It was right after lunch, and he was walking into the office, he had a cigarette in one hand, he had a [ ] jacket slung over his one shoulder and his face was turned up like he was thinking of something far away. And you would think that he would not be paying attention or anything like that, but evidently he was because he stopped by my desk, stood there because he heard that somebody was giving me a difficult time on the phone and he waited until I completed the call. Then he said to me “Who was that?” I told him whoever it was and then he said “You get me that person back on the phone right now.” I did and he stood right there, and he said to the man “Don’t you ever speak to my secretary like that ever again. She’s not paid to take the heat, but I am.” Then he hangs up, and I thought “How could you not like a person like that?” It’s been going on thirty-three years, and he was one mayor I really, really liked.


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The Moscone oral history interviews are part of the George Moscone Collection, MSS 328.

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