Moscone, Chris: Moscone's friendliness


Chris Moscone: Everybody said that they were friends with him (George Moscone) which I used to think “That’s phony. How could that be? You couldn’t have been his good friend and hundreds of others, everybody was his good friend.” But the more I think about it that’s so special because he made you feel like you were good friends. Not in a phony way, but in a real way for whatever that was. For that moment or that day, or for that job. Whatever it was, I just think it’s great. And the stories… I met a woman. “Oh, Moscone. Are you related to George Moscone?” I go “Yeah, that’s my father.” This woman was eighty years old. She goes “Oh, I can’t believe it. He was so handsome. He was the most handsome man. One day he was driving and I was driving, and he let me go in front of him and he winked at me. Oh I had the biggest crush on him.” That was a connection, and maybe it was a real connection too. He winked at her. You never know with my dad runnin’ around and being the way he was, but enjoyed people and enjoyed meals and food and wine and stuff. But I hear that a lot. I love it.


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The Moscone oral history interviews are part of the George Moscone Collection, MSS 328.

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