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After finishing his Bachelor's degree in Physics from Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Hetrick spent 13 months at the South Pole Station in Antarctica where he studied cosmic rays, the solar wind, the auroras, and the earth's magnetosphere.

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in theoretical particle physics and went on to postdoctoral research positions at ETH in Zürich, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Arizona, and Washington University in St. Louis, before coming to the University of the Pacific in 1997.

At Pacific, Professor Hetrick teaches a variety of classes, including courses like "Cosmology" and "The Physics of Music". In addition to his teaching and administrative roles, he is an active researcher in the field of "lattice quantum chromo-dynamics". Using some of the largest computers in the world, Prof. Hetrick is exploring the forces between quarks, and models of what the Higgs boson might really be.


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