John Muir


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circa 1887



Top table between 3rd and 2nd Yosemite Val. [Valley] 8100 foot moraine where ascend with horses

Top 8450 and is mor [moraine] shoulder.

Alt. [Altitude] grand, rounded, bossy rock head of Little Yosemite Val. [Valley] 8300-0 So also Tis like front, & level topped escarpment coming forward from Mt Starr King group.

The Tis like front farther west is about 100 ft(?) lower [(than larger.)]

Direction of great N. Lat. [North latitude] Moraine of Lyell gl [glacier] about West – also S. [south] moraine about same altitude & well marked when possible. That is where slope is low enough to allow moraine material to rest.

One mile from upper shoulder (N. mor. [north moraine]) slope about 24° [degrees].

Alt. [Altitude] of outmost moraine N [north] Lyell 8100.

Splendid garden about west end of water channels cut out and regulated by marmots.

Yo [Yosemite]

Splendid garden mountain side between Cloud’s Rest & South Dome- Orchids- habenaria 3 ft. 9 in. with 140 flowers- Azalias [azaleas] in glory (July 26 1873) also Lilium parvum and Hossackia grandifloria. Aspidium large tufted spiny, rushes with stems continued in a long taper point beyond the flowers.

Hosackia grandiflora gets into & lives among them. So


do geraniums. The lofty panicles of Leersia wave nobly & many other grasses [chess] bromus & stipa etc.


Lupine, garden in the firs at a slope of 18° [degrees]. Great heat & moisture, pine burs in garden- breezy- bees, flies & humming birds. Saw humming birds feeding among the young shoots of the silver fir.

Saw bird larger than canary, bright yellow, dark orange, head- wing black barred with yellow.

[Marmots] Haplodont Mtn [Mountain] beavers keeping the water works of the garden.

July 25-


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