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circa 1887



Lowest point East of South Dome 7700.

Moraine on top shown where it breaks off N. [north] to foot of Watkin, very distinctly visible as moraine in form & direction. 100 ft. lower, which point is ¼ mile southward where is a fine garden of Gentians at South end of a grove of two leaved pines. From which the moraine is well [defined] formed. at Alt. [Altitude] of 7600 the slope southward is 17° [degrees], a few hundred yards lower it is 14 ½° [degrees] for 20 yards Moraine is ridged and

[sketch: slope, moraine, arrow pointing toward break in line, “So”, “gap”]

contains porphyry from towards Cathedral pk. [Peak]

Altitude 7000, Slope 25° [degrees], direction of W. [west] 10 S. [south]

“ 6720 “ 23° [degrees], top moraine extending from first high rock on north side of Little Yosemite. Between the two above mentioned slopes the slope [to every pleas] of can ? wall ranges as low as 15° [degrees]. Alt. [Altitude] Little Yosemite (bottom) 6300 above 2nd moraine dam.

Slope of wall little to left of Starr King in front plateau 23° [degrees] average.

(Avalanches.) [sketch: arrow pointing toward 2:00]


Little Yosemite Valley. July 27, 1873.

Alt. [Altitude] bottom of lower end 6270-Upper-6300.

Extending from very hard rock on N. [north] side near the mouth of the valley proper is a well marked moraine a few feet in height = 10 or 12, steep on lower side curving with lower end S. [south] in general direction of S. [south] 25 E. [east] ?

350 of 400 yds. [yards] Higher is another moraine well defined curving from another (the [next]) rock on the N. [north] side, in general direction of S. [south] 15 W. [west] also steeper on lower side

The river passes both of these on South end. Between them the Valley is flat & meadowy but dry. A rank growth among the (pinus [(?) cones]) contorta of Columbine, larkspurs, lupine

Castilleias & Golden rods, with [supine] wavey & nodding grasses. A couple of small streams come in from the mountain side on the north and [onep] along the sides of the meadows on whose banks are moss & matted clover etc.

The morains [ ] are timbered with abies concolor [Picae Grandis], & yellow & sugar pine, and flowered with Painted [Cups], Cenotheras & Eriogonums.

All the rest of the bottom is flat, the South side being meadow to a greater or less extent where the river flows slowly & crookedly, its banks

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