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# A good natured (sailor &) vagabond, fond of wandering but without [visible] enthusiasm, nosing among logs & trees with sober unhasting industry now & then shaking the rain from his hair or the dew from the huckleberry bushes, heeding no kind of weather, never in a hurry or fuss, eating as if it were a sad duty

# His delight was to hide when wanted though never wanted except for his own sake the cold-blooded rascal, meals & when we were leaving camp neither flattery not fault finding moved him so unshakably self-complacent

He seemed rather to court neglect & [contumacy]

# A small monotonous ignoramus of a dog without sufficient intellect to be either good or bad, or in any way interesting

$ # Cold & unemotional as a [small] level glacier curled up in a blue shadow on the mountains

# The only keen thing his eyes, aye those eyes

& what an airing we got that day in the gray roaring storm & what a washing in the rain



Versions of the gulf crevasse back at night with dreadful vividness & we [fancied] in [sleep] again & again we were on that narrow bridge

An instructive trying day but not invigorating, we were tired out “used up” & reaching camp fell down & went to sleep

Felt my mind instructed & heart fertilized & refreshed by this trying adventure

Where his hopes were- heart was, I did not know

Afterwards should something in his behaviors very like devotion a changed dog

Never in the least gay

At first I thought he was sad & out of countenance about something grave & formal

We plodded on feeling our way through the fog & rain

And how many odors were wafted to us that awful day across the ice from the rosing woods & hill top gardens

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