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Trailing films of scud from the sea mixed with the rain & ragged drawnout nether surfaces of the gray clouds

After trying to drive & persuade him to go back Stick [Stickeen] & I like crusaders set out through the storm, our course as incalculable as that of any of the lightest thing the storm was driving

Had the faculty of stillness in perfection

#Somebody says that muscles move best where the soul is making merry music. Not so the muscles of both men & animals move best when at wits end in presence of confronted with death or deadly danger than a new power appears comes forward & assumes control. Muscles trembling [from] [it] The wind came from the sea swiftly spreading over the white curling waves drawing them out in long fibrous tresses

All his consuming fears were choked back by a supreme effort of self examined like that of a strong man

The jet black mantle of the night still lay on the dreary landscape when I woke

I always believed in fair play to animals. Never could draw the line [between] Men & animals. A friend said the difference was capability of knowing God. [Doubt] he too sure & complete

Strong tranquility in lay down curled up in

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At first sight seemed immutable because little or nothing about him to change

Wholly aroused. Every hair seemed to have found a voice that was crying aloud.

# In the calm of nature we can’t be alone with a dog without noticing something every day, some look or tone of voice or simple gesture that manifests & keeps alive in the sense of human brotherhood.

To trouble of common kind he seemed invulnerable as if he were a mere elastic rubber ball.

His eyes puzzled me – deep calm fateful suggesting the unfathomable wells of the glaciers

# No mark of [the] years on him. Seemed neither old or young

He always looked grave no matter how playful you might be with him, scratch his ears, pat his head, set him up on hind legs of cuddle him on your lap He was still irrepressibly grave not a tail wag

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