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Hurried rush & scamper of little prickly feet

# □ □ The little gray genius of the woods whiskers standing out elastic & strong like pine needles eyes like dewdrops all the woods in them. No need of dryads fauns etc. of old mythology. He makes life enough without imagings. Would show his teeth to Jove himself flaunt him & his Thunderbolts. Handsome crisp sparkling vivid. The quickest wildest strongest beast of his inches in all the woods.

(Wings – insects)

See old MS pg 171

The buzz wings of insects the most wonderful of all


Coming out of their winter dens hollow gaunt & hungry begin to feed on the sprouting grass & clover & soon fresh red blood begins to run fast & strong again in their winter-chilled veins fit tenant of the shaggy wilderness


Deer in many a bushy dell with spotted fawns lying hidden among hazel & ceanothus bushes like boulders spotted with leaf shadows not easily seen


Ready to hole-up, their stout Sequoia limbs bodies encased in rich Sierra fat to feed the slow banked fire of life


The most precious property the state can possess each tree a well each grove a fountain of living water all the year


Wild creatures already beginning to know it as a refuge


But there should be a cabin built for a few guards to stay all the year to prevent slaying as soon as with soldiers leave in the fall


(Have) none of the stealthy cautious movements of the cat-tribe which prowl in underbrush but walk with strong firm strides.

(Squirrels) I have given them every tree for food. Something touching in the quenching of such bright sparks of life in the dark of death.

That the dark of death should so soon quench

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