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Aroma of the mossy grove when the blast was broken into swirls & eddies & the trees gave out fresh smell like a stirred pot. Sweet mellow flute notes in the wind just as in waterfalls the gentlest notes are found beneath the heavy over-booming ones

Delirium of joy

To get a man or animal detached from this crowd & away into a pure wilderness is always an interesting experience however trying at times.

# We set forth in perfect abandonment to the storm letting its hearty tides roll over us. We shipped out & abandoned ourselves to the big gray roaring day. Never is the Creator more visible than in storms, a sublime vision

Nature I suppose had him at heart & helped him across the narrow way as I was helped, how I don’t know

All boundaries save those of our ice-island were blurred or blotted out

Wings would have been handy

Curled up in silent comfort a King in black, never tired never in a hurry, never importunately hungry & always seemingly with plenty of indefinite power to spare

It was some slight relief to the strain on my own nerves to try to calm his


Always ready for adventure [for any] to work & dare in his own way & capable also of spacious [& sublime] idleness. Could sleep all day in the baggage or curl up at the foot of a tree as quietly as a seed in the ground

Waters above & beneath calling to each other in glad accord

Delirium of joy, vehemence of fear his poor tenement of clay [air]-informed & driven crazy with fear. Besides he had the disadvantages of being small.

The crystal drops shining on their way rushed forward through the gloomy sky each in its appointed course like a swarm of stars in space

No angel has ever told me a more useful story. Trouble made the opaque little fellow transparent like clock in glass case with its works exposed. By this rude touchstone all reserve was stripped off

We are one stuff, brothers, one in blood

No pleasure for you on this trip. No new joy.

(On Gl [Glacier])

Steady featureless as a frozen lake nonchalant

Such nerve & decision seemed too perfect to be genuine [good] rather it suggested the blindness of ignorance

Not sad or morose

Go to ant than sluggard. Go to d [dog]

He lived manlier life than most men.

How sturdy he was, never hilarious

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