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A sober measured self-control that in a Newfoundland or St Bernard would [have] be dignity

His merits whatever they might have been were kept well under cover

Seemed neither well or ill-bred had nothing that could be called behavior of any kind

Though easily put in motion he had little or none of that fussy twinkling jerking action belonging to small dogs legs short hair rather long but smooth & he glided lightly like a fox scarce stirring the grass or bushes

His confidence on the brink of crevasses was so unwavering that to me constantly compelled to [most] watchful caution it seemed the confidence of ignorance

Dogs show as wide range of character as men

The mist hid the precipices of the mountains & the jags & gashes of the glacier. Seemed dull grayish white without features

Not lacking courage swim icy water in waves listen to howling wolves

His highest ambition was gratified when he could go out with the hunter & see a goat or deer killed & brought to camp moved with all the slow unhesitating demeanor of a [superb] St Bernard


Dogs are poor climbers. Predominating folly

Poor forlorn heart hard bested

Insensible almost to stupidity. a duller less distinguishable dog I thought I had never seen

Beautiful & awful, capacious enough to hold an army of slain

Whether from the looks of the gulf or something he had seen in my face he suddenly became apprehensive that something was wrong. Like the instinctive fear animals experience at the approach of a hidden enemy.

Air of solemn importance which his small size rendered ludicrous [ridic]

He started in his sleep as if again on the ice bridge – so did I that night & many other nights for months & years afterward

We bestowed on him the indulgence due an idiot

Look of attention & intelligence that bespoke kindness of mind

Looked up with quick startled eye as if saying surely not these

Intellect shone in quick recognition of danger though slow going soberminded

His life went on smoothly like a stream in a level boggy channel

At first sight our case seemed as helpless as if already at the bottom of the gulf

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