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Did as he liked

He was too lazily unconcernedly [lazy] lawless to be placed under any regulation mind & body ever at rest in a fluffy thoughtless composure & indifference very different to the dignified peace of mind & serenity of a Newfoundland or a Mastiff at rest. Yet with what acuteness of observation he measured the danger of that gulf

His distress displayed magnanimous measure

Without a blink of hope to steady his sinking heart he did bold hardy audacious things without apparent consideration

There was nothing heretofore in his manner dejected or cowering even when scolded – nor deprecating

His little wary observant eye was v [very] noticeable always

This is the way walk it or perish. The pitiful howls of the poor fellow or perhaps prayers might have abolished the dreadful chance

His fears & prayers & utter despair were uttered in a combination of all the howls & groans of the canine vocabulary

The storm blithely welcome as long as we were comfortably related to it & our camp ruffled his wet hair. He didn’t mind wind or cold water in search of adventures or sore feet [hunger] snow. We were pushed abruptly out of our course by


crevasses but we passed along their margins until they narrowed so we could jump them then held right on our way

On the brink held rigidly fear fast The black wolves will get you You must hazard your life to save it. No-o-o he howled – there must be another way I know I shall fall. I can’t I can’t O I can’t

The clouds with low trailing fingers were blotting out the day

His fault was he had no faults. Like colorless impeccable people, neither merry or melancholy, never known to do anything either good or bad

# I tried to catch him fearing his heart would break with joy but I might as well have tried to catch a whirlwind. A mighty change had come over the dull little presbyterian

How little we know of the thoughts & feelings of animals of even those we see every day. The more we are compelled to see them, the nearer we find them bone of our bone flesh or [of] flesh Aye & soul of our soul

# He jumped ordinary crevasses 6 to 8 feet wide glorying in his strength with the ease & superfluous energy of a flying squirrel, then

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