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and make a fire & pass a hungry night & try again in the morning with (all) the day before me or take this dangerous jump in hope of getting to camp before I became feeble from hunger & trust to luck in not being compelled to take the jump back. I felt it was a dangerous jump but at times an influence beyond reason seems to lay hands on us & forces us on beyond our control spellbound & doomed.

He looked so pathetically weak & small in the uproar & obscurity of the tempest & yet it does ones heart good to see anybody dog or man in dead earnest about anything – serene minded

Either too dull or too magnanimous to be moved with trifles untouchable unresponsive immobile which in bigger dogs might pass for dignity. Cool moderate self-contained unfamiliar as a philosopher or old cat.

No counter influences to complicate the case He must cross that bridge or go back alone into the woods with the wolves & he knew what his fate could be left alone with these animals -knew them well

# Breaking with one in the still depths of the woods & in the open


Rain-laden gale hungering resting rejoicing in motion hoping fearing escaping from death

Like good children begging only leave to love & to be loved but Stick seemed a very Diogenes of a dog too lifeless or philosophic even to be obstinate or wicked in any way. Yet with such gleams of intelligence when anything out of the common occurred as to suggest there might be something in him after all, & pique curiosity

# I once had a Scot Terrier full of form & wisdom loving as a saint & devoted to the death

He had a mind neither to be daunted or surprise & confidence in his own strength & sagacity – seemed to have rendered him indifferent to fear

The cries of his agony so deep & hollow were strangely unlike the common cries of so small a dog

Never before did the distance between man & dog seem so narrow that sliver of ice hung across the gulf was to me the connecting link between man & animals

The clouds lifted presenting a noble array of ice laden mountains Judging by the distressed twitching of his limbs he saw danger

One tried never knowing himself

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