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# But in his little hairy body there was a strong heart for notwithstanding his [perceiving] recognition of deadly danger he was able to hush his screaming fears & make firm his trembling limbs

Nature pardons no mistakes but by want we call mistakes she seems to lead us on to make for her own hidden purposed & when we wander here & there tis then we go most right

The danger was enough to daunt anybody no wonder he was afraid, I was.

# We had brave enjoyment in contemplation of the storm He was unfussy as a tree. Indian stoicism

# In our own paths however broken there is always an angel silent unseen gently guiding

In every motion & tone of voice given out in the true time of trial there is the very essence of humanity

# We can see all the world in a dog as through a man

I suppose we are always in peril though the danger is [be] mercifully hidden most of the time

Ran with quivering speed & concern



Curious respect for the old & savage names, let the meanings be what they may


I never examined or tried to find out his pedigree or training. Motherwit of the fellow

The solar system or storm has no anxiety about its cared nothing for reputation – neither did Stick for his

# I believe that Nature had him [dearly] at heart & helped him across the narrow way whether by guardian angel or otherwise.

# We just stepped out & abandoned ourselves to the grand gray roaring day

We little know how vast our world of life may be

Shut up as we are within ourselves

# Without hard labor & [hard] suffering there is no deep joy

Ex Al


White gls [glaciers], dist glaciers [distant/distinct glaciers], dead levels of people

A dead level of smooth equanimity, a genius for comfort under difficulties He had unshakable patience & toleration [of] under every circumstance & weather No storm, rain, snow, cold hunger could stir him into active complaint

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