John Muir


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circa 1887



& so the beauty [of] [lilies]…angels [or] & men, bears & [or]…sheep [or] birds or bees, […een] the animals he ta[med]…[the beauty of Gods] these gar[dens]…[reme]mbering bears love to [wallow]… [meadows] & deer with…[oss] them again & again [sa]…yet never a lily have…[bent] by them rather like garden…to cultivates [in some degree] them [make order] [pre]…[as] [wherever] as required. Any hour,…[c]ondition not a leaf or petal seems…[one harmony these…[[g]ardens balanced throughout…flower]

[And] the…them seem as perfect in beauty & form [as lili[es]]…[w]horled] like [their] lily leaves in…on my [the sky] blankets, it is delightful to see [them]…sky [the stars blooming…the] The sky also like one vast lily meadow in…glow of our Cam[p]...[enc]hantment on everything with…How can [I] close my eyes…[pr]ecious a night.

July 10th A Douglas squirrel peppery, pungent autocrat of the woods [The whiskered pungent Douglas squirrel] is barking overhead this morning, & the small forest birds so seldom seen when one


travels noisily [through the woods] are out on [the] sunny branches along the edge of the meadow getting [themselves] warm[ed after so cold a night & now is the time to see them all gathered together] taking (their) a sun bath & dew bath. Fine sight. How charming the sprightly confident looks & ways of these little feathered people of the trees [neighbors]. They seem sure of [their] dainty wholesome breakfasts & where are so many breakfasts [is it all] to come from [the kind of bread they need.] How helpless would we find ourselves should we try to set a table [glean them one meal] for them of [just] birds seeds insects etc. such [dishes] as would keep them in the perfect [fine clean] health they [are] enjoy[ing] just now. Not a headache or any other ache amongst them I guess.

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