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Tenaya Canon. Also quotations from I. Walton [Izaak Walton]. Ten [Tenaya] Can [Canyon] foot Clds [Clouds] Rest. One day ab [above] Yosem [Yosemite] No [number] 18. [never/river] felt [fairly] out of San [till] now bath in [ ] & crystalline [Merced] not [enough]

Mendota Lake Co. [Con] [left] ab[above] Turlock, air full of fog [ ] [escaped] [] [through] stubble fields & [ ] [brown] [Hemizonia] & purp [purple] [Eriogonum] [beneath] [&] [ ]

Next day in [many/wavy] [brown] & purp [purple] [first/foot] hills [fog]? Next [morning] [Horse] [shoe] bend.

[Delicious] frag [fragrance] of [ ] Lake [bush ]mud, timbered falls above rapids [below] [may] [walls] Curvy barometer

[ ] fog [clean] [ ] [spring] wind – Fall dancing [ ] [Towns] [ ] [ ] [for] [ ] county will for [ ] because [ ] [strength]

[ ] in [Germany] [ ] [ ]


Sktech: cross lines [Domes]; (3 such x interruptions in S [south] side can [canyon] [near] 3rd camp); Dome [ ] Dome torn in front by ice. (Near 3rd C [camp])

Dome [structure] [immoral] whom Nature wants [domes] S [south] [ ] [keeps] back when lines [ ] wants vert [vertical] face keep track [ ] high seeds of all forms are [there] to ripen when [ ]

Sktech: Near Lake Tenaya ([cutting] vert [vertical] lines) One of hardest [Domes] [showing] [action] of ice.

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