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it, then since we consider it nearer we consider it smaller though the picture upon the retina is exactly the same as when near the horizon.

By fire,

[Sketch: Div [divide] of main Can [canyon], Top 1000 ft [feet] from bot [bottom] cascade, ice ascended 4 or 5° [degrees] in [going] out, [Dead] Lake]

Head main can [canyon] blocked by 2? Or 5 domes


The glacial period is called a winter & so it was to the ground but it was a summer to the sky for when did clouds first so [profoundly] when so grand a [flowing of the] development of the flowers of snow

All [that] we call destructive in nature is also creation. Endings also beginnings. The glac [glacial] period destroyed plants & animals that were not wanted but behold the hosts of mtns [mountains] & [plans/plains] that were born. As avalanches sweep gaps through the forests making a clean page for another writing, So in a more universal way did the ice [wake] all ? the page of the world for a new [beginning] [not] only in plant & animal life but in rocks & lakes in all physical forms.

Thus nature is ever completing ever beginning, Lakes grow old & die like men, so do mtns [mountains] so do continents by water by ice.

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