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When two plates of glafs [glass] is set in water at an angle a beautiful curve is formed. Motion is the act by which a body constantly occupies different portions of space. Absolute motion is change of place as [regards] space all motion is in itself absolute.

The relative motion of a body is its motion considered and compared with other bodies taken as at rest.

Absolute rest is the act of a body alway retaining the same position in space. There is no such thing in the universe known to us. Relative rest is a body’s alway occupying the same position in regard to some other body. Thus a fly upon a revolving wheel is at rest so are we when [sitting] in our houses. Though whirled around from west to east and around the sun and then with all our system around some other system and all around some other etc…

14 Gls [glaciers] first [brooding] [formless] [like/light] [spirits] clouds then snaking into [curves] that reached from the flat [snow] fields above [drawn] to the foot miles in long separate gls [glaciers] like [fingers] from a [hand]

& what was the effect of that very hand upon the mtns [mountains], it created all the beauty that is gathered [there] as in a store house, that hand made every canon. Scooped [every] lake bowl ploughed the fields planted every for every forest. Smoothed every dome sharpened every peak [trimmed] every crest [polished] all

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