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On the 14th of June 1890 I set forth from San Francisco on my fourth excursion to the [grand] wilderness of Alaska as full of eager [faithful] hope & joy as if I had not been there before for every excursion [that I have made] in all my rambling life has been fruitful & delightful, from the smallest indefinite saunter an hour or two long [in length] to the [noblest] farthest [summers] flight with steady aim like a or a crusader bound for the Holy Land [or] a migrating bird [ ] [to its [northern home] [& back to its winter home] following [the flight of the seasons.]

All [the] our wild [whirling] world is so full of thoughtful [beautiful] beauty and it matters but little when we go to cold highlands or warm lowlands woods or plains, on [the] sea or land [or] down [among the] in dark crystal-lined [of] caves or high [in a balloon] in the sky through all the climates hot or cold storms & calms everywhere & always we find ourselves [are] in the midst of God’s [eternal] beauty & love. So [universally] true is this the spot where we chance to be always seems the best if only it be wild & [it requires] a [distinct] of effort of the will is required to get oneself in motion for a change of place. On the plains [where they are] rejoicing in the beauty of wildness it is not easy to leave there & take flight to the mountains while amid the glories of the mountains it is hard to get

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