These journals were written by John Muir between 1867 and 1913. They include his 1867-1868 "thousand mile walk," his early years in Yosemite, extensive travels in Alaska, his 1903 world tour, and his 1911-1912 voyage to South America and Africa. The journals offer a unique perspective on Muir's life and experiences in his own words and drawings.

Some of the journals are filled with miscellaneous notes and jotted writings, while others feature diary-like narratives. Similarly, some journals contain only text while others, especially those from his Alaska trips, are full of drawings that reflect the places Muir visited.

Many, but not all, of the digitized John Muir journals are transcribed. Portions of the journals can be difficult to read because of faded writing, but the zoom feature enables users to magnify pages and improve their legibility. Join our Muir Journal Transcription Project to help.

The "titles" assigned to each journal are taken from the published Guide and Index to the Microform Edition of the John Muir Papers, 1858-1957. These titles convey the general content of each journal, but many of the journals contain a wealth of information beyond the subject indicated in the title. It may be helpful to consult the John Muir chronology for more information on where Muir was during the periods when he was writing various journals.

The unpublished works of John Muir are under copyright by the Muir-Hanna Trust. To purchase copies and/or obtain permission to publish or exhibit items from the John Muir Papers, visit our fees and forms page.


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July 1867-February 1868 [Journal 01]: The “thousand mile walk” from Kentucky to Florida and Cuba

March 1868 [Journal 02]: Crossing the Panama Isthmus

January-May 1869 [Journal 03]: Twenty Hill Hollow

November 1869-circa August 1870 [Journal 04]: Yosemite Year Book

August-October 1872 [Journal 05]: Yosemite Creek, etc.

August-September 1872 [Journal 06]: Illilouette Basin Trip

September-October 1872 [Journal 07]: Tuolumne

December 1872-1873 [Journal 08]: Wind Storm, Pine Trees, Feeding, etc.

January-May 1873 [Journal 9]: Yosemite Fall, Ice Cone, etc.

May-June 1873 [Journal 10]: Yosemite Falls, Rainbows, Avalanches

May-July 1873 [Journal 11]: Indian Canon, North Dome, Big Tuolumne Canon

June 1873 [Journal 12]: Mt. Lyell Studies, Glacier Canon Erosion

July-August 1873 [Journal 13]: “Alps” and Little Yosemite

September-November 1873 [Journal 14]: Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Mono Trip

Summer circa 1874 [Journal 15]: Torreya, Merced Canon

October-November 1874 [Journal 16]: First Trip to Mount Shasta

October-December 1874 [Journal 17]: Shasta, Yosemite, Dead Rivers

October 1874-circa July 1875 [Journal 18]: Redwood, Yosemite, Shasta, Kings River, etc.

April 1875 [Journal 19]: Glaciers, Dead Rivers, Sketches, Shasta Storms

June-September 1875 [Journal 20]: Owens Valley, Yosemite, Middle Fork San Joaquin

August-November 1875 [Journal 21]: Sequoia Studies from Yosemite South End of Belt at White River

May-August 1876 [Journal 22]: South Dome, Ridge, etc.

May-July 1877 [Journal 23]: Travels in Utah, etc.

August-September 1877 [Journal 24]: Cinder Cone Sketches, etc.

September-November 1877 [Journal 25]: Trip with Hooker, Gray, Bidwells, etc.

June-August 1878 [Journal 26]: Geodetic Survey from Sacramento to Wasatch Mountains, Utah

September-October 1878 ["1876" sic] [Journal 27]: Notes of Travel on the East Side of Sierra

June-September 1879 [Journal 28]: Expedition to Alaska

July-August 1879 [Journal 29]: Alaska Trip

August 1879 [Journal 30]: From Wrangell Up Stickeen, Second Trip to Cassiar Mines

October-December 1879 [Journal 31]: First Alaska Trip with S. Hall Young

August 1880 [Journal 32]: From Wrangell Up Coast, Sum Dum, Takou, etc.

August-September 1880 [Journal 33]: Second Expedition of 1880

May 1881 [Journal 34]: Cruise of the Corwin, Part I

May-September 1881 [Journal 35]: Cruise of the Corwin Sketches and Notes

June-October 1881 [Journal 36]: Cruise of the Corwin, Part II

August 1885 [Journal 37]: Yellowstone Park, Columbia Park, etc.

June-September 1888 [Journal 38]: Trip with Parry to Lake Tahoe

August 1888 [Journal 39]: Excursion to Rainier and Notes of Puget Sound

June 1889 [Journal 40]: Yosemite Trip (Journal Fragment)

June-July 1890; June-August 1893 [Journal 41]: Trip to Alaska; Trip to Norway

June-July 1890 [Journal 42]: Sketches of Glaciers Made Around Muir Glacier, Alaska

July 1890 [Journal 43]: Alaskan Sled Trip

July 1890 [Journal 44]: Glacier Sled Trip Sketches and Notes

July 1890 [Journal 45]: Alaskan Sled Trip (Journal Fragments)

August 1890 [Journal 46]: From Front of Glacier to Point of Tree Mountains

May-June 1891 [Journal 47]: Trip to Kings River

August 1893 [Journal 48]: Trip to Europe

January-July 1895 [Journal 49]: Ranch Life (Martinez, California)

July-September 1895; Summer 1900 [Journal 50]: Trip Down Tuolumne Canyon; Trip from Tahoe to Yosemite

January-Mary 1896 [Journal 51]: Ranch Life (Martinez, California)

June-July 1896 [Journal 52]: Travels with the Forest Commission

August 1896 [Journal 53]: From San Francisco to Alaska and Return, the Osborn Trip

August-September 1896 [Journal 54]: Forest Field Studies

Circa 1896 [Journal 55]: Washington Notes and Sketches, and a Few of California Sierra (Journal Fragments)

July-November 1897 [Journal 56]: Botany Trip with Sargent and Canby

August-September 1897 [Journal 57]: Trip with Sargent and Canby to Alaska

May-June 1899 [Journal 58]: Harriman Expedition to Alaska, Part I, San Franciscio to Harriman Fjord

June-July 1899 [Journal 59]: Harriman Expedition to Alaska, Part II

July-August 1899 [Journal 60]: Harriman Expedition to Alaska, Part III

June-July 1901 [Journal 61]: Trips to Boulder Creek and Giant Forest

July-August 1901 [Journal 62]: Tuolumne Meadows Trip with Sierra Club

January 1902 [Journal 63]: Arizona Trip

July-August 1902 [Journal 64]: Kern River, etc.

June-July 1903 [Journal 65]: World Tour, Part I

July-August 1903 [Journal 66]: World Tour, Part II

August-November 1903 [Journal 67]: World Tour, Part III

November 1903-January 1904 [Journal 68]: World Tour, Part IV

January-May 1904 [Journal 69]: World Tour, Part V

July-September 1905, February 1906 [Journal 70]: Tree Notes on Petrified Forest

July-October 1906 [Journal 71]: Tree Studies

June-July 1907; June-July 1908 [Journal 72]: Yosemite Trip with Sierra Club; Sequoia Trip with Sierra Club

February-April 1909 [Journal 73]: Arizona Trip

July 1909 [Journal 74]: Sierra Club Outing to Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy

August-October 1911 [Journal 75]: Trip to South America, Part I

October-November 1911 [Journal 76]: Trip to South America, Part II

November 1911-March 1912 [Journal 77]: Trip to South America, Part III and Trip to Africa

August 1913 [Journal 78]: Island Park, Idaho Trip