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mtn [mountain] energy & endless hope & gladness.

El. [elevation] L [Lower] Kern Lake 6300 Geranium Collinsia Collomia Honeysuckle up trees & ab [abundant] Clematis - ab [abundant] Daisy, purple-rays v. [very] slender & numerous, disc flowers numerous - yellow Helianthemum ? rich orange Yarrow Thistle - fine red about 2 ft high lit [little] Lake The trees of the basin floor, Yel p Jeff var [“yellow pine”] about 6 dia [diameter] & 170 ft h. rather under fed, apparently Alder, Cottonwood, Willow, Cal [California] oak, gold-cup oak, none v [very] large. Around base of walls Sugar p [pine] & Libo & Abies concolor some fine & good size. The walls feathered with vines here & there to the top.

[Small illustration: “River” with arrow indicating northward flow. “Lake” east of river; “Little Lake” northeast, with “Camp” between.]

The basin is a lit Yo val [little Yosemite Valley] separated from the basin of Upper lake by rock ridges wh [which] is passed by the river close to the E wall. The lake is separated from the river by sand bank built up by overflowing flood current.

The walls show gl [glacier] activity in knobs, projecting bosses etc but few scored distinctly & there are no perfect domes gables or sheer faced outstanding masses. Clvg [cleavage] joints too closely developed to allow massive simple forms of sculpture. Orange lily [ ] spotted revoluet [revolute] petals. About 3 [dia] when straightened out. Ab [abundant] at lower end of lake. Broad swath of common tule rushes on E side. A few rock points on W side jut out into the lake & break walk along the shore. A prostrate lupine with silvery lvs [leaves] & a [____nckia] make carpets beneath [the joyous] Sugar [sugar pines], Yel [yellow pine] & Libo & concolor fir on W side.

[Caption beneath first plant sketch] 40 ft from shore

[Note between first and second plant sketches] 20 ft apart [in swamp] at end of bog, as if the lake [ ] slightly [ ].

[Caption below second plant sketch] 6 ft l. [long] 4 h [high] 30 ft from shore W side Islet grass & mossy about 2 ft dia [diameter] Lower Kern Lake

[Note at right side of page] With lilium, spiranthes, habenaria etc & large patches of roseflrd polygonum [ “knotweed”] at SW end of lake. Also an oval peltated lvd [leaved] water plant with long slender petioles attached in [mid] of shield, several avalanche

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