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June 29 Left Martinez 6:30 PM for Porterville. Arrive 4 A.M. 30th. Stage 12 ms [miles] to breakfast at Springville. Then on stage 12 ms [miles] to Camp Fork of N.E Tule & W. [ ]. Thence afoot mostly 10 ms [miles] to 1st Camp on Tule on flat among magnificent groves of goldcup oak. Alt [Altitude] 4000 ft. Libocedrus Cal oak etc Fern habenaria [“bog orchids”], Columbine Larkspur. July 1 15 ms [miles] to Fish Creek, Greatest El [elevation] about 5000, 2 [ ] Pine. Passed thru interesting forest today, Yel p [yellow pine] Sugar p. [sugar pine] Sequoia a few ms [miles] above Nelsons 2 or 3 av [average] specimens some small. 2 silver fir, Libo some good size. Tumion [“California nutmeg”]not large

Sequoia Yel. [Yellow] pine Sugar “ [pine] Contorta “ [pine] Abies concolor [ “white fir”] Abies magnifica [ “silvertip fir” or “red fir”] Libo Tumion Fremont tree Alder Cottonwood Cercocarpus “mountain mahogany” Oaks - lobata [Quercus lobata, “valley oak”], Douglas, Cal, Gold cup, Wizlizeni [“interior live oak”] etc. Cercis [Note: This is the genus to which “redbuds” belong]

None of the trees reach highest development here. Many bare mtn [mountain] slopes as far as trees are concerned on account of fire. Brush [currant] ceanothus, Fremont, dwarf oaks Adenostema etc, some of large size.

Strange absence of Douglas sp & [pinus Sabin] [ “grey pine” or “foothill pine”]

Fremontodendron [ “flannel bush”] the most attractive of the small trees - perfectly glorious

bright yel [yellow] flrs [flowers] 2 inches wide v. [very] ab [?] fairly crowding the long branches wide spreading rigid looking. The flrs [flowers] when they begin to grow old close over the growing fruit & look then like lilies. The bark v. [very] tough.

[Chamiobytra] in rather small patches now in flr [flower] - Habenaria etc in meads [meadows]. [Bothia] Gilia Potentilla [“cinquefoil”] Monardella [ “coyote mint” or “wild mint”] Daisy Godetia in great abundance & showy Calochortus a few but v [very] fine - large Clarkia ab [abundant] [Sprageria] ab Veratrum not in flr [flower] - “California corn lily” or “California false hellebore” Lilium columbianum [ “tiger lily”] now in flr [flower], also in Lower Kern Lake Val [Valley], 5 ft N at lower end by Lake [ ]

June 2 Down Fish crk [creek] - across Little Kern - up long gently sloping val [valley] with meads [meadows], sunny floor & fine tree-borders & walled in by rough rocky ridges - remarkably regular & constant in trend to rim of canyon of Kern, down the steep canon wall to ridge & up to Little Kern Lake. Arrived early (on this days journey. Few trees except Yel p [yellow pine]. Greatest alt [altitude] about 6700. Glorious living water

June 3 Charming sun weather. Few mosquitoes. Beautiful lobed & pointed leaves of Cal Oak above bed outlined on the sky & massed at night with stars lol [between] Everybody happy, full of

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